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My organic garden

My organic garden

So I am excited, even though outside my window looks like this: 

I am ready to start my vegetable garden.  Last week I purchased my first two organic seed packets of the new gardening season.

I decided to start small buying two organic seed packets knowing that every seed will be used this season.  What was so exciting was to see the organic seeds,  and only organic seeds, displayed  front and center in my local supermarket!  Given the recent news of Monsanto and genetically modified crops I have decided this year to only grow organic food.  I may buy some non- organic flowers, but no food. Last year I did find some organic seeds at a major discount chain store but the variety was limited.  So I am thrilled, this is progress!
Amidst my excitement,  I am having an internal debate- seeds or plants?  There is a nursery nearby that sells organic vegetable plants already started in peat pots and for the first time in my life I am debating whether or not to start every vegetable I grow from seed.   (Process vs. product)

I grew up with gardens, vegetable and flower, (putting out the seeds in a row one by one) it is just something that has always been a part of my life .  When I married and moved to the south we immediately started a garden.  I don’t recall that it yielded very much but I did achieve a measure of satisfaction in attempting to tease vegetables from that foreign, red clay soil.  I suspect that the clay ate my seeds.  By the time we had been married a few years, I had figured it out and grew much of what we ate during the summer.   When my son was about two, he and I began to start the seeds in the house in reused water bottles and peat pots so he could get dirty and see things grow. Now he is 6.5 years old , we are back living in New England and I am sitting here debating, seed or plant?


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